FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) are several questions that are frequently asked by customers or future customers to PT. Powerblock Indonesia about various things, from AAC Block (Powerblock), Pre-mixed Mortar (Powerbond), Waterproofing (Powershield) and AAC Panel (Powerslab).

What is Powershield?

Is a waterproofing coating that functions as a leak-proof coating. It is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Powershield consists of two products, PS-188 which can be applied to walls, plaster, cement, or cement fiber board and PS-199 which can be applied on concrete surfaces, rood tiles, cement fiber board roofs, bathroom floors, kitchens and swimming pools.

What are the advantages of Powershield compared to other products?

  • ·         Highly Adhesive and elastic
  • ·         Weatherproof.
  • ·         Anti-mold and mildew.
  • ·         Environmentally friendly.
  • ·         Very affordable price.

How long does Powershield durability?

Powershield can last longer than similar products, thus lowering maintenance costs.

The main purpose of Powershield being produced?

Indonesia has an uncertain climate where the intensity of rainfall can no longer be predicted based on the time of the year, so waterproof coatings is certainly required to protect and prevent building owner from any loss, both material loss due to leaks and immaterial loss such as the feeling of discomfort.

Do you need another mixture of material in Powershield use?

Powershield does not require any material mixture, once the packaging is opened it can be used immediately.

How do you use Powershield?

For the single component type, just open the package, stir, use a brush or roller. As for the two-component type, mix the powder and melt it according to the instructions contained in the package. Then use a brush or roller for the application.

What Powershield products are available in packaging?

For the single component type, it has a variety of 15 colors, packaged in cans of 1kg, 4kg and 20kg. For the two-component type, it is set in 20kg tin can + sack 30kg, and an economical set of 5kg.

Where can Powershield be used?

Powershield can be used for wall areas, concrete roofs, roop tops, asbestos roofs, bathroom floors, kitchens and swimming pools.

Can Powershield be used for indoor project?

Powershield can be used for indoor works
such as bathroom floors and walls that come in direct contact with wet spaces.


When do you use use PS-188 and PS-199, what's the difference?

PS-188 is more suitable for wall,
plastering, cement and cement fiber board areas. With a variety of colors that
to add the aesthetic appeal of a room.

While the PS-199 is more suitable for use
on concrete surfaces, cement fiber board roofs, bathroom floors, kitchens and
swimming pools. The PS-199 has the advantage of being resistant to sunlight so
it is more suitable for outdoors and areas that are often exposed to sunlight.


Where can we get the Powershield product?

Powershield can be purchased at material
stores near you or send a message here to get it.