FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) are several questions that are frequently asked by customers or future customers to PT. Powerblock Indonesia about various things, from AAC Block (Powerblock), Pre-mixed Mortar (Powerbond), Waterproofing (Powershield) and AAC Panel (Powerslab).

What is Powerbond?

POWERBOND is a Pre-Mixed Mortar or better known in Indonesia as instant mortar brand, it is a mixture of cement, sand and other additives can be used to replace traditional construction materials such as cement and sand so that the consistency is guaranteed and so that it saves material use. Manufactured with German m-tec technology with accuracy that meets the international standard for pre-mixed mortar manufacturing. Powerbond is the best solution for all building projects. Construction work becomes faster because it is very easy to use (just by adding water), the results are more neat and economical so it saves material and costs.

What is meant by conventional cement?

Conventional cement is carried out by mixing sand and cement taken from separate materials at the project site.

What is a mortar?

Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, fillers, additives and water.

What are the advantages of Powerbond compared to conventional methods?

High-quality building products, because Powerbond is made from quality raw materials and German computerized m-tec technology.

Practical, because there is no need to buy sand and cement separately.

Time efficiency, because it does not need to sift sand, measure and mix cement and sand, as well as shorter time lags between processes (installing brick – plaster – coating – paint), which results in cost efficiency.

Powerbond consists of what ingredients?

Selected sand, best quality PC cement, premium fillers and additives from Europe.

Where can Powerbond be found?

Powerbond is sold through stores and distributors of building materials near you.

Powerbond is sold through stores and distributors of building materials near you.

Powerbond uses high-quality raw materials, utilizing German m-tec computerized technology. It has modern and sophisticated application technology (conveying system silos and other application machines), processed in a 15 ha factory, and provides free consulting and supervision assistance.

How do you use Powerbond?

It’s easy, with only three steps:

  • Mix water.
  • Mix well.
  • Mortar is ready for use.

What is the price of Powerbond?

Compared to other mortar producers of equal quality, powerbond prices are more economical.

Compared to other mortar producers of equal quality, powerbond prices are more economical.

When compared from the beginning to the end of the project, the costs wasted and maintenance costs, then in the end, Powerbond will be more economical when compared to conventional methods.

What causes cracking on walls?

  • Raw materials, especially sand that may contain sludge or other material that already exists from the beginning or is mixed during stirring at the project site.
  • Inaccurate dose of cement and sand.
  • Mixing cement which is not homogeneous.
  • Wrong application method.
  • Sudden drying.

Why does the Powerbond work get faster and the duration of the project shorter?

Because the Powerbond formulation is in accordance with the each application functions, besides that Powerbond uses additional ingredients so that the finishing process can be done faster.

How many variant does Powerbond have?

Powerbond presents a series of quality finishing products, starting from brick installation, plastering, concrete, ceramic installation, tile grout filling, and repairing products that are suitable for each application’s functions.

Powerbond products are available in any packaging?

Available in packs of 40kg & 50kg, while for ceramic adhesives, there are also 25kg packaging, while for grout fillers, 1kg and 30kg plastic packagings are available.

Powerbond has been used in which projects?

Powerbond has references from various types of projects, from low rise building (housing and industrial) to high rise building (apartments, office towers, hotels, etc.). This shows that Powerbond has gained trust from various leading developers and contractors in Indonesia, both private and state-owned contractors.

Where is the Powerbond factory?

The Powerbond plant, together with Powerblock, Powershield and Powerslab occupy 15 ha of land in the area of ​​Cikande, Serang district.

Where can Powerbond be found?

Can be purchased at the material store near you or send a message here to get it.