FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) are several questions that are frequently asked by customers or future customers to PT. Powerblock Indonesia about various things, from AAC Block (Powerblock), Pre-mixed Mortar (Powerbond), Waterproofing (Powershield) and AAC Panel (Powerslab).

What is Powerblock?

POWERBLOCK is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block or lightweight concrete made from raw materials such as silica sand, cement and other mixed materials that are categorized as materials for lightweight concrete.

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Does Powerblock already certified by SNI ?

The Association of Indonesian Lightweight Concrete Producers (PROBERINDO) informs that the inclusion of the SNI logo on lightweight brick is illegal.

As this has not permitted by BSN (National Standardization Agency).

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Sosialisasi Logo SNI Ilegal Produk Bata Ringan

The advantages of Powerblock Light Concrete include:


  • Qualifies the International industry standards.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Accurate size.
  • Sound and heat insulator.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Flat surface and denser pores.
  • Reduces the burden of labor costs.
  • Non-toxic.

How many types of Powerblock is there?

Standard Block: Measures at 60cm x 20cm with a thickness of 7.5cm to 20cm.

Jumbo Block: Measures at 60cm x 30cm with a thickness of 7.5cm to 20cm.


What are the characteristics of the Powerblock brand?

  • Accurate size.
  • Straight and not curved shape.
  • Right angle corners.
  • Smoother, the pores are denser.
  • Smooth-cut edges.
  • Evenly white color.
  • Lightweight and floats in water.

What is the normal weight of a Powerblock block?

About 6 – 8 kg / piece (depending on the block thickness).

How much is Powerblock’s price?

The price is very competitive and affordable, especially when purchased with Powerbond mortar.

Since when is AAC or Lightweight Concrete used as a substitute for red brick?

The AAC block has been marketed for more than 70 years in Europe and Asia, and now it is widely used in many countries around the world.

What is the production process of Powerblock like?

Mixtures of cement, lime, sand, silica and water plus aluminum powder are placed in brick molds. After casting, cut it into the block dimension by pulling it through the cable on the cutting machine. The casting is then refined and hardened in a large steam room called the Autoclave.

Can Powerblock be used for external walls?

If you want to use Powerblock for an external wall, you should apply Powershield waterproofing layer.

Can Powerblock walls be installed with accessories?

Accessories such as paintings, photos, air conditioners and others can be installed using fisher nails.

How about Powerblock wall finishing?

For wall finishing you can use render or plaster and Powerbond coating.

How do you install pipes, cables etc. inside the Powerblock wall?

Walls that use Powerblock are very easy to be installed pipes, cables and other electrical items, and can be hidden inside and then can be completely closed according to the surface of the wall.

Can Powerblock be cut?

Powerblock can be cut up to 1/3 of the thickness of the beam, using circular saws or electric routers.

What about the speed of installing Powerblock?

Powerblock installation speeds are two times faster than ordinary red brick installations, where one standard size Powerblock is equivalent to 8-9 pieces of red brick.

Why is Powerblock considered an environmentally friendly building material?

Powerblock uses less raw materials and energy in production compared to other building products because it produces less gas and waste. Thermal characteristics Powerblock reduces energy consumption and at the end of the cycle can be easily destroyed and recycled as filler.

Is Powerblock a porous product?

Powerblock is a dense porous product. Formed by millions of fine air bubbles that are scattered to produce lightweight materials that have excellent thermal insulation.

How can we get Powerblock?

Powerblock an be purchased at the material stores near you or send a message here to get it.