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The conditions in a construction project field often do not match what the plans. Let’s discuss whatever obstacles there are and also solutions for said problems.

For those of you who plan to renovate a residence, this article offers solutions for problems that you will encounter

This article aims to answer your questions regarding this topic.

Constraints on Residential Renovation Projects

Renovating a home is certainly not an easy thing. Mistakes often occur, starting from the small ones, to the most problematic ones.

In a residential renovation project, there are 5 problems that occurs very often.

  • The addition of construction burdens.
  • Limited space.
  • Distrupts activities in the rooms below
  • Access to the project is narrow
  • Order excessive building materials.

Of course, there are still other obstacles. However, these five obstacles are problematic enough to make the home renovation project stay stagnant or maybe even stop.

Solution for Home Remodeling Projects

From the various solutions that are available, we will discuss the solutions that relies on building material technology


The technology of building materials is constantly developing to facilitate and overcome the obstacles of development projects that were previously difficult to overcome.


The solution we can offer is to use AAC Panels, in addition to the advantages that it offers, the AAC Panel Powerslab actually overcomes various obstacles in a residential renovation project.


Construction projects that use Instant Mortar POWERBOND products

Do not choose the wrong waterproofing products

Get to Know More About AAC Blocks

Solutions to the Problems Posed in Renovation Projects

Is the AAC Powerslab Panel suitable for renovation projects?

Based on the experience we have done, there are seven advantages to using the AAC Powerslab Panel for renovation projects:

  • Easy to handles.
  • Easy to mobilize in limited spaces.
  • Suitable for the addition of floor level and elevation of the floor (stage floor).
  • Without formwork, it allows activities in the rooms below the construction project during the construction process.
  • Lightweight, reduces the size of foundations, columns and beams.
  • Can be ordered in small volumes / as needed.
  • Does not require a ready mix car.


How to Order the AAC Powerslab Panel

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That is all for the article. We hope this article can be useful for you. To know more about our products, please look forward to our next articles.

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