Exterior & Wet Interior Tile Adhesive


  • Can withstand strong compressive load on the ceramic surface
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors installation
  • Resistant to thermal expansion.
  • Anti-fungal, ideal for wet areas or even submerged in water
  • Highly adhesive, can prevent attached ceramics being lifted /popping or shifting sliding when installed, not easily separated.


  • Add water as much as needed to a clean container

  • Pour enough into the POWERBOND PRO-689 Instant Mortar container

  • Stir with a stirrer, until it is evenly mixed and achieves the required consistency

  • Apply the mortar mixture to the wall area where it will be installed

  • Tape the wall and floor tiles in the area covered with a mixture of POWERBOND PRO-689 Instant Mortar.

  • Tidy up by beating it using a rubber hammer and check the level meter / precision using water pass

Video Demo Pemasangan