Dry Interior Tile Adhesive


  • For wall tile installation, doesn't easily fall off.
  • More flexible, better deformability.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Resistant to thermal expansion.
  • Ceramics are glued strong and not easily separated


  • Add water as much as needed to a clean container.

  • Then pour enough into the POWERBOND PRO-688 Instant Mortar container.

  • Stir with a stirrer, until it is evenly mixed and achieves the required consistency

  • Clean the surface of the floor / wall from dust and dirt, apply the mortar mixture

  • Use a serrated comb to flatten the species.

  • Attach the ceramic in the area that has been glued, then tidy it up with a rubber hammer and level meter / water pass.

Video Demo Pemasangan