Tile on Tile Adhesive


  • Easy to use, and ready for instant use.
  • Replace old ceramics without removing them.
  • High adhesion and easy to shape.
  • Does not dry out quickly when applied.
  • Prevent release and lift of ceramic pairs.
  • Able to withstand compressive loads on the ceramic surface.
  • Resistant to shrinkage.
  • Can be immediately used after 1x24 hours,


  • Add water as needed to a clean container

  • Then pour enough into the POWERBOND PRO-686 Instant Mortar container.

  • Stir with a mixer, until it is evenly mixed and achieves the required consistency.

  • Apply the POWERBOND PRO-686 mixture onto the surface of the ceramic floor to be coated with new ceramic.

  • Use a tools to flatten the species

  • Install new ceramic on top of the leveled species.
    Use a rubber hammer and a Water Pass to ensure that the ceramic is well and flat.

Video Demo Pemasangan