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By reading this article, we hope the readers can learn more about Pre-Mixed Mortar. What the basic ingredients for making Pre-Mixed Mortar are, the types and recommendations of various types of Pre-Mixed Mortar for various demands.

Pre-Mixed Mortar Basics Ingredients

Before getting to know Pre-Mixed Mortar further, we need to know its basic ingredients. This building material is made from cement which is utilized as an adhesive in making building structures. Pre-Mixed mortar’s composition consists of:

  • Cement,
  • Lime,
  • Different types of additives

Advantages of Pre-Mixed Mortar compared to conventional cement

Pre-Mixed Mortar, also known as Dry Mortar, is specifically designed to improve:

  • Time efficiency and construction costs
  • Minimizes the risk of dosing in mixing process.

The Pre-Mixed Mortar manufacturers make various Mortar formulations that are specially made to a fulfil a variety of demands.

One of the advantages offered by Pre-Mixed Mortar is it is very easy to apply. You need only mix it with water, and it is ready to use.

It is clearly different in the conventional cement manufacturing process which requires precision and accuracy in mixing the composition between:

  • Cement,
  • Sifted Sand,
  • Lime,
  • Fine red brick (optional),

So by using Pre-Mixed Mortar, the risk of mixing failure can be minimized.

The use of water must be in accordance with the dosage and stirring must be done thoroughly and evenly distributed.

The mixing process can use a special Mortar Instant mixer.

Types of Pre-Mixed Mortars

There are many brands and types of building materials on the market. Based on its function, Pre-Mixed Mortar can be divided into three types, which is:

  1. Bonding mortar.

Mortar brick, wall and floor adhesive mortar, anchorage mortar, etc.

  1. Decoration mortar.

Decorative plaster, outdoors and indoors wall putty, colored cement, etc.

  1. Protection mortar. Water-resistant mortar, anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, mortar to increase durability, mortar for heat insulation, sound insulation mortar, repair mortar, antifungal mortar, protective mortar, etc.

Get to know Powerbond Pre-Mixed Mortar

The best Pre-Mixed Mortar that has been tested in various projects throughout Indonesia is POWERBOND, produced by PT. Powerblock Indonesia, which is one of the biggest Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Dry Mortar producer in the country.

We offer quality consistency, product availability, technical explanations and implementation guidance.


Construction projects that use Pre-Mixed Mortar POWERBOND products

Manufactured with German m-tec technology with mixture accuracy that meets the international standard for dry mortar manufacturing. Powerbond is the best solution for all building projects. Construction work becomes faster because it is very easy to use (just by adding water), the results are neater and more economical, saving material and costs.

This synergizes with the commitment of PT. Powerblock Indonesia which always prioritizes customer satisfaction and informative to create good relationship between PT. Powerblock Indonesia with customers.

In accordance with the company’s vision, which is, to be the best building material producer and to be proudly contributing in advancing the world of construction and building materials in the country. And in time, to become a company the country can be proud of.

Powerbond Pre-Mixed Mortar Products based on their Purposes.

To learn more about Powerbond Pre-Mixed Mortar products, we would like to explain each product based on its purpose

The hope is that with a better product knowledge, the efficiency of the construction process can run optimally.

Click the title to see the details of each product.

PRO-888 Thin Bed Mortar Premium

Pre-Mixed Mortar that serves as an adhesive for the installation of Lightweight Brick (AAC Block) and wall panels with cement, silica sand, filler and additives material mixed.

PRO-878 Premium Plaster

For plastering the surface of the Lightweight Brick wall (AAC Block). Strong and highly adhesive.

PRO-879 Brick Laying & Plaster

Pre-Mixed Mortar for installation of red brick, brick making, press brick etc. It can function as Plaster as well. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Made from cement, sand, silica, filters and additives material mixed.

PRO-868 Plaster & Concrete Finish Coat

Instant cement which can be used as a coating in both plaster and concrete fields. Once coated, the surface can be directly painted without the need for putty. Can be used for interior walls or exterior walls.

PRO-869 Plaster Finish Coat

Pre-Mixed Mortar for coating work on the surface of plastered walls. Can be indoors and outdoors Can be directly painted without putty. Not recommended for use on concrete surfaces.

PRO-858 Plaster Finish (Render)

For plastering the surface of the Lightweight Brick wall (AAC Block). Can be used indoors and outdoors. And at the same time function as coating. Can be directly painted.

PRO 866 Profile Finish Coat

High quality Pre-Mixed Mortar used for profiling or corners which has a lot of curves and bending, both for the interior (interior) and outside (exterior) on the base of the plastering.

PRO-867 White Finish Coat

High-quality Mortar Instant for the white surface of plastering walls, for both indoors and outdoors.

PRO-686 Tile on Tile Adhesive Ceramic

Ceramic adhesives used on existing ceramics both on the wall and on the dry and wet areas. Has a very strong compressive and adhesive strength.

PRO-688 Dry Interior Tile Adhesive

Ceramic / granite adhesives for floor and wall coverings in dry indoor areas. Strong adhesion prevents ceramics from popping. Or shift when installed.

PRO-689 Exterior & Wet Interior Tile Adhesive

Ceramic / granite adhesives for floor and wall coverings in wet indoor areas. Strong adhesion prevents ceramics from being lifted/popping. It also prevents ceramics from shifting when installed. Such as the installation of ceramics in swimming pools, fish ponds and others.

PRO-788R Screed

Used for floor leveling and to increase the height of the floor before moving on to the installation of ceramic floor adhesives. However, it is not recommended to use this as a topping material.

PRO-378 Non Shrink Grout
Pre-Mixed Mortar used for filling concrete gaps in building construction. Made from cement, sand, silica, filters and additives that are homogenously mixed. It has very high compressive strength and very good shrinkage-expansion.

PRO-389 Concrete Surface Repair

Pre-Mixed Mortar for recoating defective concrete surfaces (hollow, rough or uneven) and finishing. Made from cement, silica sand, filters and additives that are homogenously mixed.

PRO-678 Tile Grout Unsanded

Tile Grout Unsanded is used for covering ceramic or wall slits. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Available in 20 color options that does not fade. High adhesion, resistant towards abrasion.

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