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You should know how using Pre-Mixed Mortar POWERBOND can help you avoid problems in the future.

POWERBOND is a Pre-Mixed Mortar in the form of powder. Made to replace the use of traditional construction materials such as cement and sand so as to save on the use of materials. Manufactured with German m-tec technology with mixture accuracy that meets the international standard for mortar manufacturing.

Based on its function, there are 3 types of Dry Mortar:

  1. Bonding mortar
  2. Decoration mortar
  3. Protection mortar

Regular cement applications can cause problems in the future, including: raised floors, cracked walls etc. Using of the right type of dry mortar can help you avoid this problem.

Compared to mortar, POWERBOND Dry Mortar has advantages in terms of:

  • Consistent quality.
  • More practical and economical.
  • Better Quality.

Pre-Mixed Mortar Powerbond is Easy to Apply

POWERBOND Dry Mortar is very easy to apply and provides neater results, wider spreadability and longer durability.

Reducing wasted material, providing longer open time, and saving water consumption.

Its high adhesion and the fact that it easily mixes are very beneficial and can increase work productivity.

POWERBOND Dry Mortar is the best solution for installing AAC Block (Powerblock).


Avoiding Construction Project Problems with Pre-Mixed Mortar Powerbond

Here are 5 reasons to use POWERBOND that you should know for all construction projects:

  1. Low Water Absorption. Low shrinkage which can reduce the possibility of creating a gap between the light brick arrangement / AAC Block (Powerblock).
  2. Fine graded, Application of lightweight bricks requires a thin and fine graded adhesive.
  3. More Flat & Precision Surfaces. A smooth POWERBOND mixture allows flat applications to adjust to the size of a lightweight brick / ACC Block (Powerblock).
  4. Tidier Inter-Block Connection. The elasticity and the adhesive of POWERBOND product makes light brick preparation easier and tidier.
  5. Low Heat Conductivity. In accordance with the light brick properties / AAC Block (Powerblock) which is good heat insulation, Powerbond Dry Mortar is an adhesive that is very suitable for AAC Block (Powerblock).


POWERBOND produced by PT. Powerblock Indonesia, which is one of the biggest Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Dry Mortar producer in the country.

We offer quality consistency, product availability, technical explanations and implementation guidance.

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