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Nat filler selection needs to be taken seriously. The quality of a grout filler has a significant impact on the floor durability.

The poor quality of grout fillers can lead to failure in the installation of the floor. Many cases have been encountered:

  • The detachment of one or more ceramics.
  • Adhesive does not last long

All of that is due to wrong selection of grout fillers

Causes of Floor Ceramic Damage

The floor is the one the most important elements in a building. From floor work until the process of covering the floor coating must be taken seriously.

Ceramic floor damage often occurs on floors in wet areas such as bathrooms or carport. This is due to:

  • The floor cleaners used contains hard chemicals,
  • The quality of the grout filler,
  • Lack of ceramic quality

The quality of the grout filler plays an important role in the loss of ceramic grout.


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The Effects of a Damaged Grout

Repairing damaged grout requires a lot of time, effort and cost. So it would be better if we prevent damage from happening to the grout from the very beginning.

Nat damage can lead to:

  • Leaking that occurs on the concrete floor,
  • Ceiling of the room below will be damp or even wet due to leakage,
  • The possibility of leaking will continue to the surface of the floor below.

The events above will usually occur in wet areas, such as bathrooms.

The Importance of a Quality Grout Filler

In order to prevent the horrific events that may occur as stated above, a quality grout filler is needed

  1. Powerblock Indonesia produces good quality grout filler product. Manufactured with German m-tec technology with mixture accuracy that meets the international standard for dry mortar manufacturing. Powerbond is the best solution for all building projects. Construction work becomes faster because it is very easy to use (just by adding water), the results are neater and more economical, saving material and costs.


PRO-678, Tile Grout Unsanded


Tile Grout Unsanded, is used to cover ceramic or wall slits. Can be used indoors and outdoors

Available in 20 color options that does not fade. Highly adhesive and resistant towards abrasion.


Ceramics 20 x 20 cm, ± 55.5 m² / sack 30 Kg / Nat width 3 mm

Ceramics 30 x 30 cm, ± 84 m² / sack 30 Kg / Nat width 3 mm

Ceramics 40 x 40 cm, ± 114 m² / sack 30 Kg / Nat width 3 mm

Ceramics 60 x 60 cm, ± 180 m² / sack 30 Kg / Nat width 3 mm



  • Packaging: 30 Kg, 1 Kg
  • Nat width: ± 1.5 – 3 mm
  • Water Requirements: 9 – 9.5 Liter / Sack 30 Kg
  • Time to Reach Optimal Strength: 24 hours



  • Easy and ready to use, only needs water.
  • Highly adhesive and easy to apply. Does not dry out quickly when mixing
  • Prevents cracks in the wall due to shrinkage.
  • Large variety of color options.
  • Suitable for tile grout with 1-3 mm grout width.



  1. Apply a mixture of POWERBOND PRO-678 to the ceramic grout until it is fully loaded/no hollow
  2. Use a soft sponge to clean and tidy up the excess product on the filled grout

Do not choose the wrong grout fillers, as it may lead to floor problems and leakage, a cause of headache that nobody needs in their lifes.



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