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Using AAC panels has proven to have many advantages in the construction process. If you still use conventional methods for working floor plates, read this article to know more about the advantages of AAC Panel.

Powerslab is an autoclaved aerated concrete panel (aac panel) product that is specifically designed using wiremesh reinforcement which is protected by a rust-free coating.

AAC Panel is made from environmentally friendly materials and is processed through the best aeration technology. Using powerslab provides many advantages for the construction project.

The advantages of the AAC Powers panel

Why should I use the AAC Powerslab Panel for construction projects?

Advantages of AAC Panel and its materials:

  1. Lightweight with high compressive strength.
  2. Coated with stainless steel reinforcement.
  3. Size precision.
  4. Good sound and heat insulation
  5. Meets the quality standards.
  6. Saves time and costs.

AAC Panel Replaces conventional casting:

  1. Does not need a ready mix car.
  2. Does not require a concrete pump.
  3. Does not require formwork.
  4. No need to wait for setting time, unlike conventional concrete
  5. Does not require a large work team when casting.

AAC Panel is suitable for dense urban areas:

  1. Lightweight, easy to handle.
  2. Easy to mobilize in limited space.

AAC Panel is suitable for renovation projects:

  1. Suitable for the addition of floor level and elevation of the floor (stage floor).
  2. Has no formwork, it allows activities in the rooms below during the construction process.
  3. Lightweight, thus reducing the size of foundations, columns and beams.
  4. Can be ordered in small volumes / as needed.

AAC Panel Suitable for remote area projects:

  1. Order the appropriate size, direct installation in the field.
  2. Does not require time for soil compaction (floor stage).
  3. Easy to do, enough with limited energy.


POWERSLAB is produced by PT. Powerblock Indonesia, which is one of the largest producer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Dry Mortar in Indonesia.

Offer quality consistency, product availability, technical explanations and implementation guidance.

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