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DECORATIVE WALL – The quality of a room increases in the presence of decorative walls. The monotony of a wall sometimes requires a special touch. Ideas can come from anywhere, one of them is the topic of this article, which is the decorative Powerblock wall.

Since childhood, walls have often been used as a canvas to let loose creativity, walls became filled with colorful colors. Do not build a wall to be a rigid or plain structure. Make it a decorative structure that improves the quality of a room.



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Materials can be used for decorative walls.

Everything can be turned into basic elements of a decorative wall. The only limit is your creativity. The following are some building material that you can consider:

  • Paint,
  • Wood,
  • Wallpaper,
  • Expose brick,
  • Art work,
  • And others.

Considerations When Choosing Materials for Decorative Walls

Various aspects certainly become considerations. For certain cases it is quite unreasonable for people to make decorative walls, for example because of special considerations, 24-karat gold and diamonds sprinkled across the wall.

There are at least 5 things that needs to be considered when choosing decorative wall material:

  • Project budget,
  • Material availability,
  • Ease to assembly,
  • Material properties according to design,
  • Ease of care.

Of course there are other considerations. But these 5 things represent what underlies the choice of building materials for decorative walls.

Decorative Wall Lightweight Powerblock Concrete

Decorative walls made with Powerblock have material properties that are quite easy to form, thus it can be used as the basic material for making artwork.

Decorative walls made with Powerblock can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Here is a photo of one of the decorative walls that uses Powerblock Lightweight Brick:


Make sure to use Powerblock for maximum results with high quality.


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