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When it comes to leaks & cracks in concrete structures, Powershield is the best solution. Leaks and cracks in concrete structures such as cantilever, concrete gutters, etc. Generally this is something that has always been an obstacle for Construction workers, Developers or building owners.

There are many factors can cause the concrete structure to be prone to leakage, including:

  • Excessive building loads. Excessive loading on the surface of concrete plate construction can reduce the life of the construction, especially if the concrete plate was used or while the drying process had not finished.
  • Age of concrete construction. Concrete or concrete plates that resides outdoors, will of course be directly exposed to rain and heat. That means the temperature and climate that is constantly changing from heat to rain will continue to erode the surface pores of the construction as it ages.
  • Other factors or causes that cause a concrete structure to be prone to leakage are the process of flooding the water shortly after the casting process is not carried out. Even though the concrete should have been casted, a waterlogging process of about 7 days must be carried out.
  • Natural factors such as earthquakes or collisions with hard objects. If you experience earthquakes too often even if they are small scaled earthquakes, the strength pf the building structure will be damaged
  • Another condition is the work of erecting piles done by construction projects around the concrete structure. It will cause vibrations that can damage the entire construction of our buildings.


Giving a Powershield leak proof coating is the best way to deal with damages that is present in a construction or a wall surface of a building. Simply coat the surface that is starting to break with Powershield.


However, re-coating the entire area with Powershield is the safest way to anticipate any source of leakage that is difficult to detect. After that, proceed to finish it by repainting the surface.


We hope that after reading this article, is that the readers can know more about the importance of of using Powershield, and so that the readers become aware of what needs to be avoided and what needs to be done in order to maintain structure, and allow it to last longer.


That is all for this article today, we hope you have found this article to be useful. Please look forward to our next articles.



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