Perusahaan Bata Ringan Terbaik - PowerBlock

PT. Powerblock Indonesia

Our company, supported by experts in their field, manufactures Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), more commonly known as ‘Lightweight Blocks’. Located in Serang, Banten, PT Powerblock Indonesia also produces Dry Mortar, Waterproofing and AAC Panels.

Our Vision

Having “Your Power to Build” as company motto, encourages us to provide superior quality products, and proudly contributing our experience and expertise to become the best building material manufacturer nationwide and even worldwide

Our Mission

To be a professionally managed company with a high sense of competitiveness in dynamic market and the ability to continuously grow and develop over time.


PT. Powerblock Indonesia is committed to keep innovating, developing and to keep perfecting the quality and the variety of its products, giving the right solution for every client, participating in the effort to advance the world of construction and building materials in Indonesia.

Established since 2006, PT. Powerblock Indonesia is a company that manufactures AAC Blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block), under the “POWERBLOCK” brand. More commonly known as lightweight blocks, AAC Powerblock is a light alternative building wall material that is easy to assemble in a relatively short amount of time.
PT. Powerblock Indonesia started actively producing its products and quickly became an AAC Block manufacturer with one of the highest production capacity.
In order to better customer satisfaction in terms of shipping and service, PT. Powerblock Indonesia formed the “One Day Delivery” program managed and operated by Transportation Division.
Dry Mortar or Instant Mortar manufactured and by PT. Powerblock Indonesia with the m-tech technology from Germany was introduced to the customers under the brand “POWERBOND”, and its production capacity quickly became one of the biggest in Indonesia
Following with its plans on diversifying its business development and products, PT Powerblock Indonesia launched its waterproofing product under the brand “POWERSHIELD”.
PT Powerblock Indonesia’s second dry mortar factory started operating, in order to accommodate for the Eastern Indonesian market’s demand.
PT Powerblock Indonesia launched its AAC Panel product under the brand “POWERSLAB”, made of eco-friendly materials and processed through the best aeration technology specially designed using wire mesh structure, Powerslab provides practicality, efficiency and low cost installation.
PT. Powerblock Indonesia is again expanding to increase the production capacity of AAC Powerblock by establishing Plant 6 which began operating in 2018. With the commencement of production of Plant 6, it will further increase the company's ranking as one of the largest AAC Block producers in the country.
PT. Powerblock Indonesia collaborates with Diponegoro University in the field of education in line with the company's mission, which is to be part of the field of product research and development
In the midst of a pandemic situation, PT. Powerblock Indonesia expands the export market to neighboring countries and the Middle East.