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Overcoming Wall Corner Problems With Professional Results

Have you ever met a magnificent building but has sharp and bumpy walls? This can reduce the charm of the building. When it happens to the project you are working on, the reputation is at stake. But don’t worry because we can avoid the wall corner problems with the help of profile finish coat.




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Two Important Things That Determines the Quality of a Wall Corner Work

To make a neat and durable wall corner is a very important thing. There are at least two things that effects the work of the wall corner:

  • The value the room’s beauty and perfection,
  • Furniture placing becomes imprecise,

In general, bad wall work will reduce the quality of the building.


Profile Finish Coat as a Solution to Overcome Wall Corner Work Problems

PRO 866 Profile Finish Coat is a high-quality Pre-Mixed Mortar product that is meant to be used for profiling work or multiple grooves and bending, both for indoors and outdoors as the base of the plastering.


Things to Note to Ensure a Neat Result

It takes precision and patience of the craftsman in order to produce a neat result. Reckless and careless workmanship makes the wall coating messy, bumpy or not straight. This will become apparent when one takes a look at the corner of the wall


PRO 866 Advantages

  • Easy to apply, while providing neat results.
  • Reduces the possibility of wall cracking
  • High adhesion and easy to form
  • Saves use with optimal spreadability.
  • Fast processing time
  • Does not absorb paint material, thus saving paint usage.
  • Only needs water to prepare

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