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One of the posed at construction projects in remote areas is the hard to reach location. That’s why projects delays often occurs. Which leads to other problems. This is the subject we will be touching today. We will be elaborating on the obstacles, along with the right solution to overcome them.

For those of you who plan to carry out a construction project in a remote area, this article offers the right solution.


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Before we discuss the solutions any further, it’s a good idea to discuss a little about the problem of project delays, and why it should be avoided. It is important to recognize the problems because it impacts on the many things involved in it.

Construction Projects Delays

One of the key parameters in the implementation of construction projects that are often used as project targets are budget, schedule, and quality. Success in carrying out projects on time, cost, and quality according to the starting plan is one of the most important goals for owners and contractors.

Project implementation that is not in accordance with the plan, can result in project delays.

In the implementation of construction projects, project delays often occur, which can cause various forms of losses for service providers and service users.

For contractors, delays can cause freezing of project costs due to the increasing time of project implementation, can also lead to a decrease of the credibility of contractors for the future.

Whereas for the owner, the delay in the use or operation of the results of the construction project and often has the potential to cause disputes and claims between the owner and the contractor

Constraints on Project Development in Remote Areas

Carrying out development in remote areas is certainly not an easy thing. There are various problems that are often encountered. Starting from the lightest issues, to the most difficult to solve.

There are at least six obstacles that needs to be dealt with in remote project areas:

  1. Difficult to access location.
  2. The contour of the land.
  3. Time needed for soil compaction.
  4. Excessive order of building materials.
  5. Unsuitable building material module size.
  6. Labor limitations.

Of course there are still other obstacles. For example the environmental factors and the surrounding community. However, these six obstacles are enough to make projects in remote areas stagnate and even stop.

Solution for Problems Encountered in Construction Projects in Remote Areas

From the various solutions that can be offered, we will discuss solutions using technology.

The technology of building materials is developing to facilitate and overcome the obstacles of development projects that were previously difficult to overcome.

The solution that we can offer is the use of the AAC Powerslab Panel, in addition to the advantages it has, the AAC Powers Panel has actually overcome various obstacles in remote area projects.

AAC Powerslab Panel in Overcoming Problems Encountered in Construction Projects in Remote Areas

Question is whether the AAC Powerslab Panel is suitable for renovation projects? We will discuss it here.

Based on the experience we have done, there are six advantages of using the AAC Powerslab Panel for remote area projects:

  1. Does not require a ready concrete mixing truck. Overcome the difficulties to access locations.
  2. Order the appropriate size, direct installation in the field. Overcoming the excess order of building materials.
  3. It does not require time for soil compaction because it can with the stage floor option.
  4. Easy mobilization / handling.
  5. Suitable for the addition of floor level and elevation of the floor (stage floor).
  6. Has no formwork, the demand for building materials.
  7. Lightweight, reduces the size of foundations, columns and beams.
  8. Can be ordered in small volumes / as needed.


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That is all for the article regarding the usage of powerslab in construction projects in remote areas. We hope you find this article useful. Please look forward to our next article.

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