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We summarized the advantages of Lightweight POWERBLOCK Bricks into 10 points. Each advantage of  Powerblock mentioned in this article will certainly have various other benefits on the construction project.


  1. INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. AAC Block or better known as lightweight brick is a product with an industrial standard regarding its composition widely known internationally. Therefore AAC Powerblock® has the same standardization for its material composition.


  1. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. AAC Powerblock® is made of non-toxic materials and is resistant to all weather conditions. Powerblock® AAC is also recyclable.


  1. LIGHT. AAC Powerblock®’s weight is only 1/4 of that of ordinary concrete, or 1/2 of a red brick, making it easier to work with simple equipment.


  1. PRECISION / ACCURACY. AAC Powerblock® has its own standardization which ensures the products’ measurement is always precise.


  1. SOUND INSULATION. AAC Powerblock® is very suitable to be used for rooms with a certain demand regarding noise/temperature.


  1. FAST & EASY TO INSTALL. Because AAC Powerblock® is light and accurate, the installation process is easy even with simple equipments.


  1. IS NOT CURVED. AAC Powerblock® has a flat surface and dense pores.


  1. ECONOMICAL. The various advantages of AAC Powerblock® can reduce the burden of labor costs and ease the cost calculation of the building structures


  1. NOT TOXIC. AAC Powerblock® is made of non-toxic materials and is free from pest nests.


  1. GOOD HEAT INSULATION. AAC Powerblock® is made out of inorganic materials which are relatively resistant to fire. Suitable for emergency staircase applications, ventilation chimneys and elevator corridors. The heat insulation properties also reduce the temperature increase making the room cooler


AAC POWERBLOCK is produced by PT. Powerblock Indonesia, which is one of the biggest Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Dry Mortar producers in the country. We offer consistency of quality, product availability, technical explanations and guidance for implementation.


This article was made to introduce the readers to AAC Blocks, we are continuing to update the articles on this Blog, please do look forward to it.