2 Component Waterproof Coating


  • Easy to apply. After the liquid component and powder is mixed evenly with a ratio of 1: 1.5, simply apply using a roller or brush
  • Weather resistant and prevents UV damage
  • Waterproof and high adhesion, especially on cement-based surfaces
  • Suitable for areas that are submerged in water or wet all the time, such as: Tubs, swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.


  • Clean the surface without concrete from dust, rust, oil, residual paint and dirt with a scrape brush and tape.

  • Apply the PS-199 mixture, starting at the meeting corner of the surface of dak beton and the wall

  • After drying, repeat the coating with a direction perpendicular to the previous direction.

  • So that the PS-199 layer is not damaged by being stepped on or hit by a hard object, cover it with dak beton with the product Topping Screed Powerbond Pro-787r.

Video Demo Pemasangan