Plaster & Concrete Finish Coat


  • Can be applied to plastering and concrete
  • Prevent hair cracking due to shrinkage
  • Does not require plamir as a base for painting
  • Can be directly painted after 7 days
  • Does not absorb paint material, saves paint usage
  • Can be applied to both the internal and external parts of buildings

Petunjuk Pemasangan

  • Add water as needed to a clean container

  • Then pour enough POWERBOND PRO-868 Instant Mortar into container

  • Stir with a stirrer, until it is evenly mixed and achieves the required consistency

  • Apply coating to the concrete & dried plaster surface, with a thickness of 1-3 mm

  • Flatten the coating with a tool until the surface is neat and smooth.

Video Demo Pemasangan